Hey, my name is Brent Morgan and I started Sound Absurd Cables with two goals in mind, to provide the highest quality instrument cable and to make them unique, colorful and customizable. As a musician myself I know the importance of quality gear you can rely on, but also like my gear to be interesting and fun.

I use Mogami 2524 (Gold) cable, the standard by which all others are judged. Manufactured with precision, Mogami makes the 2524 with an Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductor and spiral shielding. (Capacitance of 39.7pF/ft (130pF/m). This cable is strong, quiet and produces great tone! For the plugs I use another industry standard, Neutrik PX Series. One of the most sturdy and reliable connectors on the market. 

Next, I add the magic...Crochet!
I began crocheting while on the road with a band making cozies to sell at our merch table for a few extra bucks. Then one day I was looking at an instrument cable and realized I could apply that same craft skill to my cables to make them vibrant and stand out. And thus, Sound Absurd was born, a boutique cable with fun crochet braiding that not only looks as good as it sounds, but adds extra protection to the cable that prevents binding and tangling.
Each cable is connection and play tested to insure it is top notch before it leaves the shop.

Sound Absurd Cables is based out of lovely Fayetteville, Arkansas, surrounded by the Ozarks and it's beautiful National Forest. 

Feel free to email me with any questions or custom build requests! (soundabsurdcables@gmail.com)

I look forward to building a cable just for you!